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The image at the top is Wawel Royal Castle in Krakow. Image by Dariusz Staniszewski from Pixabay It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a combination of medieval, renaissance and baroque styles. The buildings hold great historical and national significance and were where Polish monarch were crowned and buried.  https://wawel.krakow.pl/en  

What does ‘Eastern Europe’ consist of?

In doing some “Google” searches trying to figure out the question “What is Eastern Europe?” it seems that there are many explanations and the number of countries included varies (depending on physical, ethnic, historical, cultural, political and religious explanations). Organizations such as the UN, NATO, EU and others have their own standards and explanations. Our purpose is not to define Eastern Europe, but to provide a forum for researching one’s genealogy. Assistance is provided through links, resource information, country and ethnic profiles, and research articles. 

What countries do you consider as part of Eastern Europe? Do they include the Balkan or Baltic countries or new countries from the former Yugoslavia, how about Germany or Austria? All of these have a justification to be included for either historical or cultural aspects. We would love to hear your take on this.

Here is a list of all potential considerations: Albania; Austria; Belarus; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; Czech Republic; Estonia; Germany; Hungary; Kosovo; Latvia; Lithuania; Moldova; Montenegro; North Macedonia; Poland; Romania; Russia; Serbia; Slovakia; Slovenia and Ukraine

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