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Warsaw Market, by Kitztym on Pixabay

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Sometimes the borders changed in the past, and what is now Poland was once Germany or what was once Poland (Galicia) might be in the current Ukraine. Here are a few links which may contain records of your relatives.


History of Poland 1635 – 2016

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  • Daniel Bucko presentation for The Polish Genealogy Society of New York (2012):
Daniel Bucko presentation for the Polish Genealogy Society. Sept 2012.

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Thanks to the Lubelskie GenWeb (on Rootsweb):

  • Lublin Official Home Page, “Not the most informative city site, but some nice pictures and they have a camera giving a picture of the main gate to the old town, updated every 30 seconds (click on the ‘Goat’ image at the top of the page, and then the ‘goat’ at the top right corner of the next page to come up).”
  • The Lublin Catholic Archdiocese, “in Polish.”
  • The Lutheran Church in Lublin, “Very helpful site for genealogists.”
  • Greek-Catholic Church in Poland, “Not much in English, but hopefully that will change.”
  • Hrubieszow, “from the JewishGen project.”
  • 1929 Polish Business Directory, “Fascinating lists of businesses and who owned them . Remember that this is interwar Poland, so includes parts of former Poland now in countries on the eastern side and does not include former German regions in western Poland.”