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Location of Belarus, from Wikimedia Commons.
Location of Belarus, from Wikimedia Commons.




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Places in Belarus


“Having gone through the process of preparing for a similar trip just recently (that is, to a Ukrainian archive one year ago), the preparations this time were quite straightforward, and mostly similar to last time. That isn’t to say that I didn’t encounter certain snags and mishaps during my week of traveling, although (luckily!) nothing too serious that I can’t laugh about now… So for those of you who care to learn from my experience, I include here details that might help you avoid a few pitfalls.”


“This web site contains photographs, memoirs and documents relating to the people and the history of the town of Mir. Much of this material has been contributed by survivors from Mir and those of us whose ancestors were born in this small town. Mir is currently in Belarus, but previously had been governed by Lithuania, Russia and Poland.”

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